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 Photographer: Cody Kinsfather,

Photographer: Cody Kinsfather,

Happy New Year! 2015 ... Let me guess: New year, new you? Let's be real, the only thing you're about to change is how you part your hair or maybe get bangs, BUT THAT'S WHY WE LOVE YOU! Our people, young working twenty-somethings who are starting to get a taste for wine by the bottle and a bad coffee habit.

We started PTF because we wanted to share not only our fashion stories and tips but also relate to all of you delicious readers. We cannot thank our viewers enough for the support we have gotten. We are just getting started! We have lots in store for you guys, so stay tuned and continue to grow with us. We are updating our posting schedule for this new year so you guys will get more of us on a regular basis.

Sick of us yet? We love you guys! Please, continue to read our lil' ole blog, subscribe, "like", comment, and keep us updated! We want to hear from you guys. What you like, what you don't, whether or not we are starting to gain weight *clutches pearls*! The good, bad, and ugly! Our people! Also, remember to stalk us on instagram!

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